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High quality supplements to support the health and happiness of pets.

Vita’s Mission

We all have different things that get us out of bed each morning. For us, it’s about providing top quality pet supplements, supporting animals to lead a full, happy and healthy life.

To create these supplements, we work tirelessly with leading scientists to develop products that will make a real difference to our companions lives.

We also offer support to pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. Our extensive library of health guides and factsheets cover a huge variety of topics, and we supply free continuing professional development (CPD) to vets and supporting staff.

Our love of animals and science has resulted in the formation of the Rainbow on my Shelf supplement range – and we know you and your pets will love it as much as we do.


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Our Story

Soothing stiff joints or boosting skin and coat health are just a few of the ways the Vita supplements can help your pet.

Vita’s origins began with supporting the health of the humble honey bee at Vita Bee Health. Our passion to improve the health and welfare of pets led to the creation of Vita Animal Health in 2018. We knew the products we developed had to be of the highest quality, and so we worked with leading scientists, and used all the latest research and evidence, to create unique, effective formulations for our supplements.

The team, led by registered vet nurse, Tara Evans, created a comprehensive range of pet supplements to support all stages of life for dogs and cats, horses, exotics and “small furries”. The quality, research backed, Rainbow on my Shelf range supports the health of joints, skin, ears and the cardiovascular system.

Supporting pets through all stages of life.

Tara’s insight into the veterinary world helped create products that add value and are complimentary to veterinary medication – with a range of products that support conditions frequently seen by vets.  

Supporting the veterinary community.

Tara’s understanding of vet practices’ needs also led to the development of free CPD modules, available to vets and supporting staff. Not forgetting the pet owners, she has helped create a wealth of blogs and factsheets covering a huge variety of subjects, to guide owners through pet ownership.

The pandemic created challenges for all of us, and through this difficult time we created Vita2U. Vita2U is a no-hassle subscription service, which delivers your Vita supplements directly to your door, meaning your pets never have to miss a day of their nutritional support.


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