Four Ways to Boost Wellbeing for you and your Pet

Written by Tara Evans

Tara started her dream career in a mixed animal practice in Sussex in 2003. She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2006 and continued to work in first opinion practice until she joined the Vita team in 2018. Her passion for the care and welfare of animals continues and couldn’t turn her back on veterinary nursing completely so continues to work regular shifts at a local first opinion practice.


Four ways to boost wellbeing for you and your pet

We can always benefit from a little wellbeing boost. It has been proven that having pets improves our mental and physical wellbeing including reducing blood pressure, lowering stress levels and improving our mood. Keeping our pets active and simulated is important. Routines may change, but we have a great opportunity to spend more time with our pets and benefit from their companionship.


Exercise is as important for our pets physical and mental wellbeing as it is for ours. Whether this is to burn off the energy for our young, active pets or maintain the mobility and comfort levels in our aging pets. Exercise can be a walk or run, or spending some time playing in the garden or outside spaces. Cats are naturally less active, but exercise can be encouraged by playing indoors with toys and using scatter feeding.


As we spend more time at home there is a tendency for over-indulgence, and this extends to our pets. In the same way as we have to watch what we eat, it is important to ensure that our pets continue to receive a healthy, balanced diet. Maintaining an adequate weight helps prevent future joint disease, heart disease, diabetes and many other preventable conditions. Using food dispensers or feeding mats can encourage mental simulation in your pets and slow down greedy feeders.


Grooming is not only essential for certain breeds to maintain healthy skin and coat, but can also be a great way of spending quality time with your pet and giving them extra attention. If you are not used to grooming your pets start off slowly – don’t expect to get it all done in one hit! Interacting with your pet is proven to increase oxytocin levels (the bonding hormone) – mental and physically beneficial for both of you.


Playtime can be a great way of both keeping you and your pet entertained, whilst providing exercise and mental simulation for both cats and dogs of all ages. Play can be achieved indoors or in your garden by creating an obstacle course, scatter feeding a few treats, or playing ‘fetch’ or hide and seek with their favourite toy. Play keeps our pets active, happy and strengthens the pet-owner bond. It’s a great way to put a smile on your face and enjoy some fun and laughter with your pet.

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